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Yoni Alkan DHS

Yoni Alkan DHS

About Dr. Yoni Alkan

Sex is the most mysterious language in the world, and I have studied for years to become an expert. We usually feel comfortable with the social code of conduct when we’re in a group situation, but when it comes to one on one interaction we sometimes falter, fumble, or feel embarrassed. I would like everyone to be able to communicate in intimate relationships with ease, and without shame or fear. Every person has specific sexual needs or desires, but we tend to be much more alike than we are different.
I provide guidance, education and advice through personal consulting and group lectures. We all have the potential to talk about our unique sexuality in a comfortable, natural and positive way. Becoming more fluent in the language of sex can increase our awareness, pleasure and joy in our relationships and within ourselves.

For years, I was that one friend people felt comfortable approaching with their sex and relationship questions. I was intrigued, and began to study interpersonal relationships.

I earned an MA in Conflict Resolution and Mediation, and then completed a Sexual Educator course with the Israeli Planned Parenthood in order to volunteer on a helpline for teens. Eventually I decided to build further expertise in this area, and earned a Doctorate of Human Sexuality (DHS) at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco.